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This unique 22” x 17” spiral bound fold-out calendar features a wide array of HBP’s font-size standards for easy use (see product sheet for more details). Provides giant date boxes for appointment and notes, a quick reference view of previous, current and next two months. Year at a glance for previous and coming years. 56 pre-filled holidays. Hanging hole provided. You’ll love this calendar!



Additional Information: This one of a kind spiral bound large print wall calendar features HBP’s classic thick bold line and font-size standards, folding out to a full 22” x 17” calendar. Each date sports a giant 2-3/8” x 2-5/8” box for writing appointments or notes highlighted with 78 pt easy-to-read date font. Day-of-the week font is displayed with 36 pt accept Wednesday—slightly smaller—30 pt for a quick scan for mid-week. Weekends are slightly shaded for easy identification. Year and month fonts are a full 100 pt. Each month has a quick reference view of the previous, current, and next two months—18 pt. The back of our calendar provides previous and coming year at a glance—24 pt. Includes 56 pre-filled holidays—20pt. Hanging punch hole provided. You can see from our attention to font size “we get the point” on your calendar needs! • Large 22” x 17” foldout calendar • Sturdy spiral binding • Giant date boxes for appointments and notes • Quick reference of previous, current, and next two months • Year at a glance for previous and coming year • 56 pre-filled holidays • Shaded weekends for easy scan • Wide array of large font sizes for easier identification of sections • Hanging punch hole • Printed with HBP’s classic line thickness and font-size standards ~ VOLUME DISCOUNT AVAILABLE WHEN YOU ORDER 5 OR MORE ~

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